Anxious to fall in love?

does anyone feel anxious to be in love? I've never been in love and i want to know what it fels like to love someone and be loved madly in return


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  • Hopefully you have parents that love you and that you love. If this is the case, then love shouldn't be that much of a mystery.

    The other "crazy emotions" are usually other things than love. For example attraction, lust and desire.

    • i do, my parents and i are very close, and my sisters too, so i find love in them, and thats a beautiful kind of love. But i wish to find a loving relationship with a good man someday, but i must be patient

    • Nothing wrong with wanting a loving relationship. I just think so many people forget about the love that they already have in their life.
      There is only love, that can be expressed in an infinite ways.

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  • trust me, it'll happen. probably sooner than you think

  • YUP!
    I wanna get a girlfriend and fall in love. But it's never happened.

  • Why?

    • because i keep reading books and watching love films, this urge to love someone and be loved is so strong, but when someone is interested in me i tend to go away because i don't feel the same way but now the urge has come back

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    • It will happen focus on school, work career etc and it will all fall into place

    • I wish you'd fall in love with me :)

  • I used to be but now I'm just jaded and bitter about it all because I think I'm just too shy to ever make the first move.


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  • Maybe I have felt that last year.
    Can't recall but right now? Nope.

    If that feeling comes, I know it's just nonsense.