Girls, is this what I get for being a nice guy?

So around 2 days ago I got rejected by a girl, because I'm too nice. Now people, you may think this is a rant but it's not. I had a friend named Emma, she's a year younger than me (I'm turning 14 she's turning 13), and she apparently really likes my personality and how I act. So since I kind of like her I started dropping hints, she found out, and now I have a girlfriend I plan on keeping. So now I come to this question. Do us nice guys look for the wrong girls? In my case I was looking for a girl who lived close, but didn't match my personality, and what I got was a girl who is related to one of my best buds, is super sweet, shy and lovable, and actually cares. All this from actually paying attention to what I had. So, answer away. Maybe we can help some guys out.


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  • No, god damn it. I wish guys could understand this once and for all. You didn't get rejected BECAUSE you were nice. You were rejected because she wasn't attracted to you. It's not the end of the world, and not because you're not objectivelly attractive.

    • That's not my point. I'm asking if we are looking in the wrong places

    • sorry, your question says 'is THIS what I get FOR BEING A NICE GUY' and my answer is definitely not FOR BEING A NICE GUY.

    • then you continue with 'I got rejected by a girl, BECAUSE I'm too nice'. Your question and premise both feature this idea, and it's wrong. Simple logic.

  • Yes!