Guys, Is this a good idea to send my man?

Ok been seeing each other for a year or so - Sunday night he sent me numberous snaps of him hard and oh my they turned me on so I was thinking tonight I should...

take some snaps of me in the bath
- legs
-boobs covered in bubbles
-wet ass shot
- then dry shot on the bed of my ass again (he's an ass man)

what do you think? Good idea or is this too slutty and will make him think less of me?


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  • Maybe just take one and see how he reacts to it. If its positive then you will have confidence to do the other ones.


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  • No that's not a good idea really, I know I'm young but it's really not a good idea to send pictures of your body, I mean if is girl sent me those then yea I would like it but it's not a good thing and plus they say it can't be found again after they are seen but really there are ways to find them again

  • mmmmmm you turn him on too