How do you get over someone or at least stop thinking about them?

I don't know what to do to get over this girl, she was a big part of my life now she isn't. I just can't sleep right now because everytime I close my eyes I see her. It's the middle of the night and I'm out of ideas to take my mind to a better place. Any help, any ideas, I've dealth with depression and suicide most of my life. Anything to keep my away from that , little or big I could really use the advice.

So far I've tried Working out, movies, tv shows, music, games, driving, cooking. I have a huge piece of plywood sitting around but I live with someone so can't do anything with it. AND to top it off, I just make it worse for myself by checking her facebook. I'm out of ideas


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  • You can't just switch off your feelings for someone. Trying to forget someone you care about is like trying to remember someone you've never met... you can't!

    All you can do is keep busy and your mind focused on things other than her. Every time she crosses your mind focus your attention on something else. You are prolonging your pain by checking her FB so your pain will remain so raw. You need to stop checking up on her and eventually your feelings will fade. When your feelings fade you'll think about her less.

  • Get a change of scenery as soon as possible. Seeing as it's the middle of the night, you probably can't go anywhere, but tomorrow, try to go to some place that is really scenic and just try to be calm and enjoy the moment. For now, try reading a book or painting, if you happen to have any paint. The motion of painting, even if you're not making a picture of any kind, is really relaxing.

  • Do NOT look at any of her social media. Talk to someone about it.

    But most of all time. Only time can heal.


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