He still always looks at me.

What does it mean he's played me like 10 times but I still want him why do I still want him? Everyone always tells me he always looks At me but he won't talk to me like what is wrong I just wanna be normal with him again,someone please tell me what it means? Oh and we dated for 2 years but we haven't talked for like 2months and he still always looks at me.


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  • Strong recommendation: Get an education to fill your time away from your boyfriend. An education will help you see his flaws, while giving you opportunities to meet REAL men.

    This guy has played you 10 times. You don't need anything else but to move on from him. Cut all contact and find someone that won't play you or that treats you with some respect. By chasing him and wanting to continue your relationship (which I have no reason why you're doing that), you are encouraging him to continue this behavior because he thinks he can get away with it.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • haha okay.. that's dumb.. after that many times of being played.. why in the heck would you still wanna be with him? and mabye he's not talkin to you now beacsue he knows that you will always be a backup girlfriend.. like a rebound I guess.. all that you need to do is leave him alone and find some one else.. its stupid that you are still trynna go bakk to him.. what the deuce..! leave him alone.. move on.. show him that you don't need him.. or his silly games.. your letting him take advantage of you.. and its fukkn dumb.. so let him look at you.. and flaunt what you got.. juss let him know that he can no longer have it either..!