What to do, please help?

He doesn't want me anymore and let me go. I feel so hurt, I was depressed when I met him and I pushes him away, he never wanted to help me. I miss him a lot and he chose another girl over me and he said she has goals in life and is worthy. I told him not to come back when I have my life in order and he called me a bluff. I just didn't text him enough cause at that time I was very shy and confused. Now im getting into modeling and hopefully this will be my chance what he is missing out on and that he should have chosen me. He expects me to come after him and including him in my life without him asking me he wants to be included... he never says what he wants to me, he has a very low opinion of me because I was depressed ( he said I was a dissappointment, lazy and unstable) I was deeply hurt , by family members, my whole family fell apart. Just because I didn't text him enough he thought I had no life. How can I get over this... im 23 and never had a boyfriend by the way.


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  • The way you get over this is by realising he is not worth it. He is some guy who thinks he is something special and because you had feelings for him, you let him treat you badly and convince you that you are bad. You can't have your life fall apart because of some person who doesn't want you. Just forget about him, and don't use things you do now as motivation to prove him wrong. Simply forget about him and surround yourself with good people that actually care about you. Good luck!


What Girls Said 1

  • You should forget about the asshole and you should pressure yourself to get involved in other activities in order to forget about him.