Guys, went on a great date.. why is he not texting me?

Yesterday night, I went on a great date with a guy. We met on tinder a couple days ago and had great text conversation then he invited me to dinner last night. We went, ate and drank both of us were tipsy but instead of being touchy feely we spent hours talking.. After the restaruant closed, we drove for a few more hours and once again the touchiest thing he did was have his arm around my shoulders or this thing where he was playing with my ear/earring like an ear massage lol. The conversation never got sexual at all or even flirty, we were just getting to know each other.

When he took me home, he reached for a kiss but I denied it mainly becuase I don't know it was the first date and I didn't want it to go in that direction but I gave him a hug and said good night. This guy seemed really interested, actually from the beginning we vibed and clicked very well.

He hasn't texted me since yesterday and I'm not sure if I should text him or what or if he's waiting for some reason but I find it strange because I thought we had a great time. Should I text him or should I take it as he's not interested?


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  • When u rejected his kiss, he presumed u weren't interested anymore and moved on. You seriously fucked up NOT kissing him when u damn well know u like him! :(

  • The kiss denial made him think you weren't interested I'd say you blew it.

  • Maybe he thought you were denying him as anything more than friendship when he went in for the kiss and you rejected it.

    • Is that possible.. When we had such a good time together. Should I message him?

    • That'd be a good idea.

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