First date tomorrow, any advice tips?

I haven't been on a date in 6 years. I don't socialize or get out much so all of my female contact has been with family, business interactions, or the occasional escort.

I don't really remember what to do. Tips? I know women take first impressions seriously. I met this girl online and we've been talking for two weeks, we seem to get along well and have decent chemistry (shocker) but I mean, what now?

We're having brunch, this is one of the few free times we both had.


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  • Try to be polite and gentlemanly; pull out her chair for her, etc


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  • Be yourself, but if you want to set the hook in hard, use the push pull technique and smash any friend zone possibilities to dust where they belong and have her look at you as a virile man, not a pal to have tea with. Hit her with a compliment, and then a joke to release the tension. You notice when you compliment a girl, it can get awkward, but if you make her laugh right after, she'll go crazy for you. So something like, wow, may I say you look stunning this morning? She'll blush and kind of look around at a loss for words, then laughingly say something like, then again I've had a whole Mimosa so my judgement is impaired. Make sure you play around with her a bit and have fun. Good luck.


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  • Be you! If you can make her laugh, trust everything will flow


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  • Don't do anything I did. Don't bring up any uncomfortable subjects or use any words that might be harsh out of context. Be confident, and if you realize you are not acting confidently be honest;if you can do both. Be polite, and go out of your way to put out gestures of common courtesy. Most importantly be yourself; you have been talking and have decent chemistry so I am sure you'll be fine the way you are.