Why hasn't he made a move?

This guy and I have started hanging out more. We had a class together but now we study with a group almost every night and he has become friends with a few of my friends. I have started to like him, but I am not sure if he feels the same way. He seems interested, but we just watched a movie together in my room and nothing happened. When the movie was over, we talked for a little but then we just said goodnight and he left. Why do you think he hasn't made a move? Is it because he is shy? Or just sees me as a friend? Your opinion/advice is appreciated :)


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  • im a bit shy among women. but if i were that guy and i like you, i would've made a move on that movie time

  • How is he soposta know what to do ass it sounds like your not flirting back so he knows it safe to make the move


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