Does this girl in class like me?

We had a study date a few days before our test, which involved getting pizza and ended with her walking me to my dorm.

She just told me if I got an A on my test she'll buy me a cupcake.


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  • Yes!!! You better get an A.

  • The question is, do you like her? she could just be trying to be nice but if you do like her then do something about it!

    • I really do! I haven't been direct since I felt like taking things slowly in order not to be needy. Should I confess my feelings to her on Tueaday when we have class?

  • Yes sounds like she does 😊 Do you like her?

    • I like her a lot! But I've been doing my best to move slowly without being needy. Maybe on Tuesday when we're in class I'll ask her to workout of something.

    • Sure! Sounds like a good idea. It's possible however that if she doesn't workout a lot that she'll be self-conscious and not want to. Do you have a car on campus?

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