I confessed my feelings to my friend?

She told me in the past why I never dated her. Slowly I began to open my feelings and confessed to her my feelings. She rejected me.


lately we have become even closer as friends. Her words say one thing but when I see her she always touches my arms, tells me I'm such a great man. Always asks for my advice... Calls me love. We don't text as much but when we meet up, we have a strong connection.

This is how look at it. If she just saw me as a friend, then she would have at least introduce me to her gfs or help me find a girl since she knows all my relationship stories and I know hers. But I just know she would not ever want to see me with another girl. Even when i do see her with other women, she tends to mark her territory by calling me love or baby.

I like how things are going... Should I just go with the flow? I'm not hoping for her to love me back. She is worth the wait until she is sure


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What Girls Said 1

  • Some girls actually start to like back the guys they rejected after the confession.
    Usually after being confessed by someone they think about it. And they think about it a lot. And sometimes it may even change the way she views you. So instead of seeing you more as a friend she starts seeing romantic things about you now that she didn't even think about before you confessed.

    Just kind of what seems to happen in this case. But I can't be exactly sure.


What Guys Said 2

  • Nothing will happen my man. She sees you as a friend. Yes she might like you a little but the second she finds someone she likes more you will not be a priority.

    • The point is she was the only wanting to date me. I finally gave her a chance since I realized I liked her. I don't think k another man will come in. I'm too rich

    • Rich, that doesn't mean crap to most ladies. Best of luck anyhow.

    • It does. Trust me. Every girl friend zoned me before I got a Ferrari now they are maki g excuses to date me.

  • I think she's playing you dude, get rid of her.

    • I'm not insecure. I have many women to choose from. I'm dating other women. I know her for years, we are not young kids we are in our 30s