Girlfriend just told me she hung out with her ex tonight?

Me and my girlfriend of 2 months got into fight today, she said "I was being a d***". Later that night she hangs out with her ex, she picked him up and they went to friends party smh.

Then a few hours later she post a picture of me and her and says "I'm her better half, her angel on the dark days".

Her ex and her ex was together 2 years, we got together 2 weeks after they broke up.

If if she loves me the way she says then why did she hang out with him.


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  • She sounds very manipulative. I'm willing to bet she hung out with him to penalize you for being a dick.

    Based on what you just shared, she schemes in a way that will ultimately get you hurt and massively disappoint you. How convenient that she decides to visit her ex the night you two get into a fight? -_- Unless she frequently parties with her ex, I believe she probably did that to covertly punish you and teach you a lesson about "being a dick". Personally, I would not tolerate being with someone who punctures my pride as a partner and toys with my feelings to get back at me. That's unhealthy, destructive, and if she keeps it up, she's going to plant resentment and bitterness in your heart that destroys the way you admire her.

    • It's the first time they've hung out in 2 months, but she has contacted him numourous of times since mid January, which I'm starting to question if her feelings are real or she's just infactuated with me because she wants me to be everything her ex was.

      She calls me her soulmate, but after 2 months

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    • Even if that's not the case, she clearly does not respect you as a man and respect your relationship otherwise she wouldn't have taken her ex to a party where they may have danced but generally had fun together. What a piss poor girlfriend.

    • get rid of her before you catch feelings,
      she thinks she is better than you
      she is not worth it find another girl
      yes of course it will take some time but trust me
      you don't want her

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  • This is why I do not believe in remaining in contact with an ex. He was the first person she ran to the moment you two had a fight. Lets be real here, every couple has fights, that is a normal part of any relationship. But, her running straight into the arms of her ex is really bad taste and a huge red flag because they have had an intimate relationship and therefore he is a direct conflict of interest. She hung out with him to show you how easily she can get with another guy, she has history with him, so he is easy to call and hang with, she wants to make you jealous and so on.

    • *applause* That was so tacky and indecent on her part! How dare she! I would be livid if I was the @Asker. She is either completely stupid, completely spiteful, or completely mindless for doing that... or worse... all of the above. You cannot trust partners who act like that @Asker

    • @Esplorare Yep, basically I would forbid her from seeing or contacting him. If that was a problem, then it is over with!


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  • she is playing you for a fool dude,

    girls who hang around with ex boyfriends are nothing but trouble. thereby she is playing games with you. If you are a real man you won't tolerate that kind of shitty behaviour.

    here she is, she calls u a dick so she can hang out with her former lover , and a few hours later is she manipulating you , calling you her soulmate. and you, do u know what they did while u were home alone? do u think she is going to tell you that honestly?

    this girl isn't right in the head, sorry to say that but girls who run away from problems and create even more problems, no bro, its not worth it at all. i would have been so angry if a girl pullted that shit off on me.

  • Trust me when u say this !! You are a rebound!!!
    Breakup with this manipulative bitch right now!! She have cheated on you and because of which she felt guilty and posted that bullshit...

    I would trust her at all... Not even get into a relationship is she just broke up with her ex...
    Trust me her going out with her ex like that behind your back and her contacting him so many times is a clear sign that you are not a priority over here
    And your are a REBOUND!! She is already cheating on you...

    Don't be stupid... Dump her now or get dumped by her soon... your choice

  • To make you jealous and to make you constantly think about her. Go to a bar or party with some friends and try not to think about her

  • She's a manipulative cunt and you can even tell by her facebook post. You need to get away from her before she has the chance to ruin your life.

  • girlfriend of 2 months loves you after breaking up with ex and then rebounds to you... yeah... a lot of issues going on.

  • Chances are she also made out with him or more.

  • she just what to make him jealous I know. I almost don't fall into that myself. she doesn't love u if she hangs out with an ex after month with him she still need him and normal girl don't looking for boyfriend just after broke up. don't be silly :)

  • Well a few things. She sounds petty and vindictive. She is probably playing at least one of you but know you don't own her so if she wants to play that game let her and play a game of your own.