Did I mess up and show too much attention?

So I met this girl and we talked on the phone almost every night and text everyday when we first met. We are 3 hrs from each other which does make it hard. I drove down to see her and we hooked up the first night. After that weekend. We continued to text. I would text her every morning good morning and good night. but as the days continued she stopped answering my calls and taking forever to text me back. She is a full time student and has a lot of homework. But it didn't stop her before. I went the following weekend and took her on a date. She told me I was crazy for wanting to drive down so far to see her. She would always answer my texts but she seemed to be loosing interest and I don't know why. Than she told me that she couldn't do long distance. That she tried once before but it didn't work. I told her i would move if it came down to it. She told me she started talking to her ex again and didn't want to be in a relationship right now cuz even though they are friend she doesn't know where it might go. I texted her everyday but she texted me just the same. I talked to her about doing a bunch of stuff with her. I don't know if I messed up and pushed her away.


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What Girls Said 2

  • No I think you need to move on The girl does not like you.

    • I use to be a full time student. And its hard it was really hard all these classes are overwhelming. I have a feeling thats she saw you as a hook-up not like a relationship. Cut your lose man. Move on!

    • She use to call me and if I didn't text her first she would text me. It wasn't always me. She kept making comments about the distance. So I know it bothered her. When she mentioned her ex to me. I kind of went off. Cuz she told me how he left her for another girl they both worked with and how she quit because of them. So I brought that up. But just told her that if thing change hit me up and replied thank you I appreciate that. Also she told me we could definitely be friends.

  • She clearly isn't sure if she wants to start a relationship with you due to her being indecisive about her ex. Just let her know that you will back off for a while to give her time to think about what she wants.

    • She told me we could definitely be friends but no we can't. After sleeping with someone and having feeling you can go backwards. So I told her after going off on her little bit about her ex. Hit me up if things change

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  • Yes you pushed way too much and now she is not interested. She is giving you bull shit excuses to be nice and reject you.

    Best bet is to leave her alone (who knows she might reach out one day) and learn from this situation. So the next time you talk to a girl you will play it smooth and not come on so strong.