Should I keep trying or not with this girl?

I asked her out and she said she was going out with friends. Which she did, so it wasn't a falt out rejection. I told my friends about this and they were like don't give up and keep on her. But my thinking is if she doesn't like me that way why keep trying? I tried to add her on Facebook but she didn't accept the request. I'm confused on if I should keep on her. Don't girls get creeped out if a guy keeps trying to get her. Like I'm not acting like a creep, I've been myself even when she said no, I was like no problem I hope you and your friends have a good time. What should I do, I'm so confused.


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  • You should ask her on a specific date on a day that she is free. If she declined then move on. You can't give up after just one attempt and she was busy.


What Guys Said 2

  • She still may be interested. I would wait a week (try not initiating any conversation in that time), and ask her out again.

    If she agrees, go somewhere fun and be yourself.

    If something else gets in the way, then let her come to you with a date request.

    If she comes up with a $#it excuse then she isn't interested in you.

  • No probably not. ignore her see if she changes her behavior if not. Next...

    • She's been way more talkative with me after and her mood seems more upbeat then before.