What is it like to have a girlfriend/boyfriend?

Is it worth it? Im just curious to know, cause I've never had a girlfriend and just want to know if being single has more benefits


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  • Well, I certainly enjoy it. For me, it's the comfort of knowing that he's there when I need him and he'll always do his best to support me. That'll manifest in a lot of ways, with him either giving me advice or comforting me or just straight up telling me to stop talking/doing shit if he thinks I'm wrong. He's one of the few people who will be so blunt with me and that's refreshing because it's honest. It's just this really comfortable companionship where you're just there for each other, no matter what, and you're kinda... In tune with each other and that's great. You can tell when the other person needs you and you can step up or step back in a way you might not do with other people. We work as a team which is awesome and being able to take care of him and make him smile makes me happy, especially when I know he's always going to be trying to do the same thing.

    Of course, there's a lot of restrictions of being in a relationship for some people too. You have less time to yourself, I guess, particularly at the start of a relationship where you still need to learn how to be together and form a partnership. There's kinda an expectation to let someone in and keep them up to date on your life in a way you wouldn't with just ordinary friends.

    Being single has more benefits in that you work as an individual who doesn't have to explain themselves or talk things over with another person. You just do what you want. Being in a relationship is more comforting, I think, because you have someone there to support you every step of the way but you start having to take someone else's opinion into account.


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  • Being single has way more benefits. The only girl I was with was extremely clingy and emotional. She would always be around me even when I wanted to be with my friends. It was nice at first but I got really annoyed in the end.

    I only dated her to see how being with someone felt. Don't date someone just because of that. Date someone who you see a future with. Someone who you know you can give your all for. I learned that the hard way and now I don't think about dating at all.


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  • Lot of hard work!


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  • Well, I feel safe when I'm with my girlfriend, and hugging her feels amazing, and overall I know she'll be there when I need her, and I'll be there when she needs me, so it's restrictive, but it's comforting, other then that I dunno