This guy iv had a thing with for a year asked me to be his low key girlfriend.. then ignored me?

Iv had a thing with this guy for a six months , our family's are close and don't know about it tho. The other day while he was drunk (I think he was drunk but don't know for sure cause it was 10am) asked me to be his girlfriend low key over text and listed why he liked me right after I then replied that he should ask me this in person when we hang out that night and he was down with it. So that night I waited for him to message and call me and he didn't do I called and messahe him a few times asking when we were meeting but never heard from him & still haven't. Advice pls?

In my caption I wrote a year but I ment 6 months


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  • Why the secrecy? What's he hiding? Is he ashamed?

  • HAHAHA. When he said low-key... he meant it.


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