I've never faced reaction by a guy because I'm a model? What does it feel like?

so I've only once had rejection in 5th grade by a guy i was super into i remember crying myself to sleep sometimes (i literally liked him that much) then puberty hit me and I completely transformed into a new person. I literally lookes like a whole new person. And got scouted by a modeling agency. Now im in high school. (im not trying to brag or anything) but any guy I've ever asked out has said yes. And I constantly get asked out. But the other day my friend was depressed because the guy she liked rejected her. And it just got my thinking I've been taking this for granted and I wish I got rejected a lot more often so it felt more special when I didn't get rejected. What does it feel like getting rejected?


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  • Its really different for everyone, and different in each situation. Sometimes, you might be really into someone, you dream and wish that they would be apart of your life, and think of all the things you would do together. Then when you get rejected, its like a slap to the face, and a stab to the heart. Immediately, all the feelings you had die, and all you think is why me. Other times, it might just be a small crush, you take it with a pint of salt, and keep living life. Its a learning experience though, and with every failure, you get closer to success.


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  • You "work" as a model and you don't know what it's like to be turned down for something? Really? You've just gotten every job ever?


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  • I'd love to know too

  • I'll turn you down. If you're a model then you are probably skinny and have no ass or tits. That's what all the VS models look like. No ass and barely any tits. Gross.

    • The models that are required to be super skinny are usually high fashion/vs models. I work as a swimsuit model and we are basically required to have a curvy body type so big boobs and an ass but a small stomach. An hourglass figure.

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