My boyfriend says he sees a future with me, but?

When I mentioned moving in together someday (maybe in a year or so) , he says maybe. How can you have a future together but not want to live together? He says he loves me and I believe it because he shows it. We've been together about a year, we each have a child from another relationship. My last significant relationship ended more than three years ago and I didn't date for 2 years after that to work on me. His last relationship (his son's mom) was 8 years long never married, but engaged. She walked out... they split In early 2014 and we met about a year later. I'm assuming that's the issue of not wanting to move in quickly, I get it. But since that conversation, I feel like he pulled away a bit. It kind of saddens me. How do I approach this? Or do I just let him come to me?


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