I like this girl but she removed me from snapchat :( ?

I was so into this girl (think I'm bi or bi curious recently) and it was like she was feeling me too. There was lots of sexual tension I feel, and I got quite nervous around her but two weeks went by and I didn't see her cos I was away from work (we work together) and next thing I know she's deleted me as a friend? What is that about? I'm so confused it makes no sense to me 😭 I feel awkward now like she hates me or something and I don't wanna see her this weekend cos it's gonna be on my mind the whole time


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  • She probably sensed your nervousness and thought you were no longer interested.


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  • You guys had a sexual conversation and something about your responses she didn't like. So in saying that she couldn't find enough courage to tell you but instead delete you to avoid being honest. If you see her again just ask her why and then you would know.