How do you find a date?

I have no idea where you meet people to date. I've heard that some people just meet their life partner at work, in college (my teacher), on YouTube (my classmate), from high school (my other teacher), a matchmaker (my parents).

I know the places. I just don't know how you make dating happen.


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  • It can all start with a look in any environment. I've been given the look more than once. Of course it's my job to reciprocate. However I never do but if the guy likes you in return, he will come over and talk to you and everything goes from there with a good or bad ending I don't know. It happens in grocery stores, coffee shops, parking lots, on the sidewalk and many other locations.


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  • You talk to them. It's that easy and that difficult at the same time :p.


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  • Parties, through friends. Online dating sites.. You got tones of places!

  • Tinder

    • I tried Tinder before. It didn't work for me, as all it gave me was a blank white screen. So basically, Tinder collected my Facebook information, and I got nothing. I might try going to Facebook and see whether I can cut off the connections between the Facebook account and Tinder account.

      Also, I am very skeptical of Tinder. I have heard that it is really a casual hookup app. I am NOT looking forward to hookups or casual sex. I don't want my first relationship ever, or sexual experience ever, to be with a one-night-stand who is just going to use my body for selfishness and lechery.

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    • I see. Then, why did you suggest those things to me when you don't do them yourself?

    • I don't know.

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