"you never know"?

I've been dating my boyfriend a few months , we've established we love each other and can't see ourselves with anyone else. He lives in another state and we have briefly discussed down the road seeing how things go and moving in together. I miss him like crazy and tonight I told him he should just move here , he asked where he'd stay and I said with me being I'm planning on moving soon and he said you never know. Lol what does that mean lol I don't know if he meant it like good like yea I might (sometime soon) or if he meant it like trying to be nice like just saying it. He always comes here just for the fact he makes a lot more money than me but he passed a remark about some of the attitudes people in my state have lol so I don't know lol.


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  • you never know... my girl will be moving back to her state in a few weeks... im not happy but not sad either. it is what it is.


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  • I doubt he meant it in a negative way. Especially if you guys don't have problems.