What are some good times for milestones in your relationship?

What is a good time to kiss, say 'I love you', and other milestones in a relationship?


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  • Not on the first date. The other night I went out on a date and had sex when we got back. Luckily it was her apartment and not mine cause she ended up being a stage 5 clinger.

    After we had sex we're lying there and I asked her if she could turn her radio off cause I wouldn't be able to sleep with it and she changed the subject and told me she loved me and asked me if I loved her. I was like "uh.. not really, it's a bit early for that" and she says with a crazy smile and wide eyes "you will" and I was like "can I turn the radio off?"

    And she held on to my dick all night, like she wouldn't let go of it, grabbing for it even when I was trying to shift sleeping positions.
    She also kept aggressively trying to make me hard all night so we ended up fucking 5 times and I was completely exhausted and had no sleep the whole night while she snored her head off but somehow still was able to keep grabbing for my dick if I moved.

    In the morning she was trying to do the come and move in with me talk and trying to negotiate how we would split expenses.
    Worst date ever.

    Wait for the 3rd date for sex and at least the 5th sex date before an "I love you". If you're still together then, there's a good chance you do love each other.

  • Say it whenever you feel. But as a guy, i seldom say it, actions still sound more than words.!


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  • The best time is whenever they happen. Don't plan these things; just hang on for the ride and enjoy things as they happen naturally. There is no right or wrong timing in relationships.