Girls, How to be a good boyfriend?

I goy my first girlfriend tofay so i dont want to mess it up


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  • Don't be controlling, be accepting and respectful. Don't call her names or curse at her. Be patient and understanding if she has a bad day because of hormones and let her know you care. Don't comment about other girls being pretty or check other girls out in her presence.

    • Okay. Thank you. I will make shure i domt do those things on the top. And to do the rest.

    • Sounds good; and it's exciting to be in your first relationship, best of luck!

    • Thank you!


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  • The most important thing: be yourself. You don't want to be someone your not just to keep the girl around because you'll both end up unhappy.
    But some other tips:
    -be a good listener when she needs to talk.
    -keep things light. Don't be clingy or super intense.
    -don't push her to do things she's uncomfortable with

    Basically just be her friend that she gets to kiss

  • If she tries to hug you or be affectionate, don't ever act like it's an inconvenience. That's one of my biggest fears.

    Say something sweet or send a cute text at least once or twice a week for no particular reason. Most girls would love that.

    Don't cheat.

    • Okay i do all of these already. And i like when she hugs me and that kind of stuff.

    • That's cute. Good luck! And also, don't overthink things too much. Just be a nice person and remember that she should respect you as much as you respect her.

      And don't feel like you need to buy her fancy things if that ever comes up.

  • Don't ignore her, even if you're busy let her know that before.

    Always call her, even if its like for 5 minutes.

    Be perceptive. If she looks unhappy, there's a reason so don't ignore that.

    Give her a reason to smile everyday.

  • respect her. Listen to her. Trust her. Open doors for her. Look at her. Give her attention. Don't call or text too much but give her attention. Buy her gifts on her birthday and on holidays... even smell gifts make a big difference. Show interest in how her day was and her hobbies. Encourage her to spend time with her friends. Don't be mean.

  • Always communicate. The good, the bad. Treat her the way you would like to be treated. And vice versa.

  • Listen to her
    Be there for her
    Trust her
    Don't say hurtful things

  • Be attentive, but give her space. Don't bombard her with text messages so you seem desperate. But make her feel special. Never pressure her for sex.

    • We aren't going to have sex. We are too young. If we got married shure... but we aren't yet.

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    • You sound like you have it together. Enjoy this new/first relationship, be yourself and have fun/laugh together.

    • Thank you, i will

  • depends if she's a feminist or a traditional girl

    • She is traditional girl.

    • so be protective, pay on date, etc traditional stuff

    • Okay