What should I do about this weird crush?

I have a crush on this guy who works on a bookstore I go very often, I was talking to a guy and he walk by and when I look at him he look down at the floor, I was looking at some books when he walk in and I don't know why I felt like looking back and when I did he was there and we look at each other for a second, yesterday he walk by me a few times and I did by him but I couldn't bear to look at him I only look at him when he was busy not to notice me.


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  • you should say "Hey, I see you in here all the time. I'm Londonscotland. Weird name, eh? Want to get some coffee sometime?"


What Girls Said 1

  • If he works on a bookstore, then maybe you can try to ask him to give you suggestions in regards to books. Then you can introduce yourself to him and ask him if he can hang out with you afterwards.