Guys, how long does it take you to know you're in love and how long after you know do you say it?

We went out on one date about a year ago, but I felt no chemistry. We kept in touch and talked almost everyday. He would occasionally ask to go out again and invite me out places every now and then, but I would decline. The beginning of January, we go out again and I had an amazing time. We started hanging out almost everyday. We talk everyday, we see each other a few times a week, we've met each others immediate family, I've spent the night at his house, we spent Valentine's Day together, we've had sex, etc. So we've now been dating for about 3 months, but he told me that he loves me the third week of February. Does this sound about right? It seems kind of quick to me, but I heard that when a guy knows, they know. Is this true?


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  • There is no period to establish love. It can happen instantly, but it is the sustaining the flame that takes time. To know if a guy loves you, weigh his actions with his words.


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  • Not very long and immediately