Guys, Is this a good dish to cook my man?

Salt and pepper steak with some steamed veggies?

i want to show him that I appreciate him. Is this dish too average?


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  • It's average but delicious, I don't know anyone who doesn't like steak. Sweet potato chips go down a treat with it too.

    • What could I do that would make him be like "holy shit wife this girl" haha

    • A good steak'll do just that! Just make sure the butcher cuts it thick and leaves the fat on. That effort won't go unnoticed by him.


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  • I would love it if a girl cooked me such a good meal as that.

    The way to my heart is back massages and a home cooked meal.

  • Its a simple, efficient dish. If you really want to make it special - also bake a cake for both of you as desert.

    But honestly, even with a normal steak most guys will be thankful for the act itself. We are in fact really simple beings and the small things make us happy.

    • He's a health/fitness guy so he's trying to cut back on cakes... But i could maybe make like a healthy dessert or something?

    • A dessert doesn't have to be healthy. That takes the fun away. Make a small cake then. Or bake a cake and give most of it to friends/family and only keep 1-2 pieces for each of the two of you. Even if you are into fitness the occasional sweet isn't wrong.

  • He'll appreciate it.