Girls is it hot to date a guy who works in the oil field?

Here is the thing I want to date a girl but I'm a little bit embarrassed of myself because I'm all burned and my hands are rough though I've been using creams and stuff.


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  • I don't think it should matter. If a girl cares that much, then she's obviously very shallow , and not worth your time. Your occupation is only a small percentage of what makes up a person. Also, I live in one of the major oil regions of north America, and lots of people work in the oilfield, so I wouldn't think anything of it. =)


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  • There's no need to be embarrassed. You have just as many dating opportunities as anyone else. Are there going to be shallow girls who'd pass you up due to the burns/rough hands? Probably, but you wouldn't wanna date that type of chick anyway, right?

    A girl who really digs you for who you are won't care about any of that. Promise. :)

  • I personally would be interested; just keep taking case of yourself and I'm sure you're be all set to date. A man that can use creams without embarrassment is hot. It shows he's confident in who he is and doesn't need to follow the crowd and listen to the stereotypes. :-)


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