What should I tell him?

The guy I have been dating for 1 year just recently told me that both sides of his family have close ties to the mob. To be honest I wasn't surprised like if you meet them it is like a scene of the godfather when they are all together (no lie) he then went on to told me that his cousins have recently started to pressure him into joining the family "business" and didn't know what to do and asked me what I think. Like I really have no idea what to tell him.


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  • lol it could be a lie, doesn't mean its true.
    If it is, could be possible then get ready

    • I have no idea what to do.

    • you said you love him so stick around to find out if its true :)

    • I'm not saying the he could be lying if believe him 1000%

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  • run run run away as fast as you can or become a mob wife , if your about that life.

    • I don't wanna run though I love him.

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    • you should talk him out of it

    • I was thinking that, but his family already doesn't like me much.


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  • Tell one of these suggestions.

    "Leave the gun take the canolis"

    "Never go against the family"

    "One day and that day may never come I'll call on you to do a service for me, but until that day, accept this gift of justice on my daughters wedding day"

  • He's going to make you an offer you can't refuse.

  • Tell the mob to suck a dick

    • How about you do it can then tell me how that works.

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    • It's okay. You can take your stack of dimes and go flick it.

    • How about you spread your legs so I can flick it

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