How long will it be before he call? GUYS PLEASE HELP I'M CONFUSED?

So I've been talking to this guy for about 3 weeks already and yesterday we met for the first time and we had sex. We actually discussed it before and agreed that we'd have sex (kinda weird but yeah). Through text we were planning on watching movies about space, drinking a bit then having sex and everything went exactly as planned. During the sex he kept telling me he I was "majestic" and how sexy and beautiful I was. Since we have the same taste in music he was playing some and we were both singing along to it while having sex. So we had sex for 3 hours and after he mentioned it was mind blowing and that he's never experienced anything like that before. So while we were cuddling his friend called him crying because his girlfriend had just broken up with him and he was on his way to my guy's house so I had to leave. When we were getting dressed, again he kept mentioning how beautiful and worth it and how mind blowing the sex was. So today is the next day and he hasn't texted me.. before we would text all day every day so I'm very confused, is this normal?


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  • this is fine I was in the same position with a girl we met first time had sex then I never text her for the next day as I was working so yeah. dont worry to much.


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  • ... why don't you just text or call him? It isn't his job... he's likely looking after his friend