Would it be possible to ask a guy out after I rejected him accidentally?

He sent me an email on the last day of class because he was unable to find me after our finals. I misread the email thinking he was looking for a different girl. We never spoke a word throughout the semester and I think I sat next to him once. And I looked through our college roster's class email list and I found out I am the only one in that class with the name Emily. I totally thought he was looking for someone else with a similar sounding name because in the email he began by saying "hope this is you," and ended the email saying "the guy you sat next to." So I replied to his email telling him he must of gotten the wrong Emily. Oops Is it possible to ask him out one year later? I am interested and not as a backup as I have never dated anyone before. I had my opportunity but I missed my chance. I hope he wasn't hurt when I initially rejected him. I feel bad that I rejected him.


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  • Go ahead and tell him that you are actually interested, I am sure he will be very happy to go out with you as long as he is still single.

  • You could do a follow up email asking him if he found the Emily he was looking for maybe start a conversation and see if he seems interested.


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  • Couldn't hurt to try! Go for it girlfriend! I think it would be best if you explained the situation fully to him