Sex with a ton of other girls?

My roommate is dating a guy who goes to OSU. We live about four hours from him. He'll occasionally come home to visit her but when he does they usually have sex and he leaves again, they're very on and off. Well recently she's asked me whether or not she believes he's cheating on her. He always flirts with other girls on social media and he doesn't have any proof of a girlfriend. In my opinion he makes himself look totally available. He's even told her that he doesn't know what he wants and has to get his priorities straight. I don't know how to tell my roommate what I truly think. Guys, do you think this guy just wants to have fun? Girls how do I tell her the truth nicely?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah this dude definitely just wants to get laid


What Girls Said 1

  • Sometimes there really is no way to deliver the truth nicely because the truthfulness of it is simply not nice. You just have to be straightforward with her before she ends up getting pregnant or he brings back an STD. Yeah, it's going to be awkward but it has to be done.