Should I let this girl?

So the graduation dance is coming up in a few months. I've talked to my guy and girl friends about who's going to bring a date for the dance, etc. 3 friends of mine talked to this girl I don't talk to and I don't really trust. I feel like she's a girl who spreads rumors, etc. They decided she will talk to one of my guy friends and ask him if his friends can ask my friends out. And then the girl I don't trust personally wants to talk to my crush and tell him to ask me out. I feel like he's going to say no or not be interested. And the girl who's asking is someone I don't even trust? I feel like something bad is gonna happen. Should I let another girl tell the guy I like to ask me out for the dance or not let it happen?


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  • Control the jealousy, and talk to the guy


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  • Why do you want to let the girl tell the guy you like to ask you out for the dance instead of asking him out yourself?