Guy says I'm too different and not like other girls thats why no one wants to be with me?

So I went on a date with this guy and I thought everything went well but he goes "after tonight I'm not going to talk to you" I'm confused. He tell me I'm weird and not like other girls and that's why guys don't like me. Doesn't matter if I'm pretty or nice I am too different. Is that a real reason why? I am so confused now it's like he trashed my whole personality.


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  • I think he was somehow looking for more then you thought.. and because you did not give or think what he wanted his way out was to say what he said to you.. I would just let that slide under the carpet and leave it there.. here is just an added thing.. even tho it is off topic sort of speak.. after my fall I had.. and because of what I had to wear.. but I still very much wanted to get back into the dating game even tho I wore what I wear now... as I have liked women so much and for as long as I can remember and all the my plumbing still worked fine.

    But I also felt that wearing diapers would be a turn off to the ladies and I was unsure if I would ever find another date as overall I did feel weird.. well my fears were set straight as I not only found a date on my first try.. but many more followed.. I did not ask to wear what I wear.. it was sort of thrust upon me.. but being honest to all my lady friends like I am always am.. is the key here and was so happy none of them ever made me feel.. Weird,.. take care now


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  • Oh honey, he can go and fly a kite. You are unique! Embrace it! Why would you want to be a cookie cutter person? I'm sure you're a wonderful person, and that's what probably pisses this guy off. You're certainly much more original than him, and for him to tell you that nobody wants to be with you because you're different, well that's just one thing that makes him a jerk, and I'm sure there are plenty more! You know what? I have the same issue as you. Apparently I'm too "different!" Well I'm 14 years old and honestly speaking, I am very young and I don't need a guy at my age, however, when I see that all the other girls in my grade have had their first boyfriends and first kisses, sometimes I feel a little sad. But then I rethink it. All the girls just date people to fit in and feel good about themselves! And, not to mention, they all dress the same way, style their hair the same way, they're all pretty much clones of one another. Someday, an amazing guy will come and sweep you off your feet, princess! He will love you and see past your differences and you know what? That's the type of guy you need in your life! Not some whiny guy that has issues with himself, that's why he's so good at pointing out how others are "too different!" Find yourself a real man, not a boy. Good luck on this journey, beautiful princess, I wish you nothing but the absolute best!


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  • It could be his reason, but I wouldn't put to much weight into it. I personally am more attracted to people that are awkward and weird as I'm able to relate with them. Do you have any clue what it is that you "did" that he considered weird?

    • I was myself. I talked, told some jokes, was nice, honest. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary

    • He sounds weird.

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  • What a jerk! Do not put any stock in his opinion since he's obviously just an asshole. Just keep being the best you you can be and ignore douchebags.

    • This, and I'll add in one more bit. If you're a really unique person, maybe you need to look for a really unique mate that can appreciate that about you?

  • As hurtful as it is move on, there will be someone out there who will adore you for who you are!
    Everyone is different and that's what makes us specialist he can't see that someone else will

    No need to find out why it's only his opinion and not everyone's