Does he want to date me?

We work together but in different departments. we have hung out a couple times outside of work for hours just talking. He always asks me questions and seems to really listen. He's honest when he zones out and misses my story because he said he genuinely wants to hear it. He always laughs at my jokes and stories and he also calls me adorable and cute a lot. I'm so awkward and I'm always the person that has a hard time coming up with conversation topics but he always had something to fill the silence. He asked me if I wanted to hang out again and I said yes but he told me to tell him when I want to? I don't understand that. Another detail is that he is 28 and I'm 20 so there is a age gap but I really like him. He also tried to tickle my knees and he said that's where he is the most ticklish lol... Does he want to date me? Or just get into my pants?


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  • I think he is interested but whether its a hit n quit it or more feelings involved I don't know.


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  • He's acting in a flirty way with you. I'd say he really likes you. If you like him as well, then try to ask him out.