Do You Think She Knows Now?

I have started to have this thing for a girl that I have been talking to lately. Last night I texted her best friend, I told her that I have a thing for her friend and she replied that she knew I had a thing for her. She then said that I just can’t keep it a secret and I should tell her. I then said that I was thinking of asking her out to dinner. She then said do it be a gentlemen. This morning when we all went to breakfast I noticed she slipped her phone to her and she was reading text messages. I don't care if she knows, but do you think that will change how she interacts with me now? I guess it is a good thing that her friend said to tell her and to go ahead to ask her out?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Do your own dirty work. Texting her best friend cos you know she will most likely pave the way for you to get closer to this girl you like. Just walk up to her and speak to her about your feelings.


What Guys Said 1

  • they are waiting for you to make your move. the friend might have inside info that the girl you want to ask out also like you.