Would/has your depression or anxiety stopped you from being with someone you liked?

I have been an acquaintance of this guy for 5 years. Whenever we would run into eachother we would always say hi and have some small talk, but not much more than that... Possibly due to the fact that for 4 of those 5 years, I was in a relationship and he knew my boyfriend as well. However when he found out online that my ex and I split up he started to message me regularly and since then we have talked daily for a year. We flirt a lot and exchange pictures so I know he is attracted to me. He has also told me how he thinks I'm a cool person and finds me to be hot. However he said that every time he thinks further than that, and about how my interest is reciprocated, his anxiety makes him panic about where to go from there, because he has had bad dating experiences in the past. I said I would be interested in friends with benefits (I don't NEED a relationship right now) as well and he said even though he really wants to be intimate with me that it's not his style to just casually hook up because he gets attached. He still wants to talk daily and share pictures though. To me if he really was interested he would just go for it and hope for the best, but he says not to underestimate how bad his depression and anxiety is hindering him. Should I believe this?


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  • nope cause she knows how to be calm and be super nice and just lie next to me and just listen to me blather lol. We joke that she is my antidepresant... then again i'm just super lucky.


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  • Nope, the boyfriend knows how to deal with my anxiety, so it's not really an issue for us.