My boyfriend messed around with other girls when I broke up with him. Does he still think about them now we are back together?

I broke up with him and we were broken up for 4 months. He says he only did it to take his mind off the break up because I hurt him. Is this true?


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  • If guys are broken up, they're going to hook up with girls if they can, even if they wake up every morning crying because they miss you. Sex isn't just some bonus thing in a relationship, they want it =all the time-. When in a relationship they really care about the sexual connection with that person (i. e. you at this point).

    Does he still think about them? No more then he'd have thought of any other ex he's had. They probably cross his mind once in a while when he jerks off. He probably thinks of you more even then.

    If he wanted to be with one of them, he would be.

    • Is it bad that I can't get over him doing stuff with other people? Because when we were broken up I was just worried about myself... Not trying to do stuff or flirt with boys. It's so hard for me not to think about. Will this horrible feelings eventually go away?

    • I don't know. You could talk to other girls. The reality is, for -very- few men does being emotionally attached to one woman mean they have no sexual interest in others. That doesn't mean all guys cheat, nor does it mean all guys WISH they could have sex with lots of women. Lots of us LIKE monogamy, not just because we want you to be monogamous, we truly like the idea of it. But it's not exactly an automatic impulse. It's something we choose to invest in and care about and value. So if someone we want has broken up with us, well we're not going to remain celibate if we have options.

      I suppose you could move on and find a different guy and pretend the new guy is only physically attracted to you. Or you could find a demisexual guy who only has a sex drive inside a relationship... though if your drive isn't really low, he'll probably disappoint you in other ways. So I -hope- you can recognize how men are, that sex in a relationship has meaning to them, but outside of one, they..

    • ... still desire regular sex.

      If you don't understand how it means something inside in spite of what i said, do ask.

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  • You'll never know if he's lying or not just gotta trust him.


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  • if the pain was too great sure everyone breaks at some point its called a "breaking point" for a reason.

  • Yes during break ups, people make new friends to fill the gap.

  • It's possible, but not guaranteed

    I wouldn't doubt his word unless he's close to them


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