I'm thinking about dumping my boyfriend because it's long distance?

We've been together for 6 months. The last month and a half or so then long distance. I still like him but I'm not in love, so I don't feel like it's on a very solid foundation at the moment, he hasn't said it either. In my experience long distance doesn't work. And I'm feeling very trapped.

I've spoken to him about this and wanting to end it and see where we are when the work season is over and he's back in the State. Right now and he comes back it's only for a few days at a time. And then he works for a few weeks at a time. I know people have more long distance than this but I'm worried with how I'm feeling I'll disconnect completely. But me wanting to take this step back I think with permanently on things with him from what he said. I'm just looking for thoughts and advice on how to handle this situation.


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  • well if you can't do it anymore its best to break things off.

    LDR is tough. a lot of thought and consideration have to be taken into account before entering one.

    • I've done it before and I was faithful but then I was cheated on. If I were in love I would do it I'm just not. So I'm in a relationship with someone I can't really fall for so I feel like I'm stuck at mediocrity and it's really frustrating and I feel really guilty for feeling that way because I do care about him

    • yeah if you're not feeling it then just break up. it's not worth it.

  • Just have this in mind, you aren't dumping your boyfriend because you two are long distance. You are doing it because you don't like/love him enough to be in a ldr. These things arr comllplicated and if you're feeling "trapped" it's the best just let it go.


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  • Do what makes you happy