My boyfriend said he no longer has time for me but wants to continue dating & has now completely changed. What do I do?

I met this guy and we instantly were great together. He asked me to be his girlfriend literally straight away and the first few months were perfect & i've completely fallen for him and at the time he said he had fallen for me too. However he started acting differently towards me and one night said that he no longer has time for a girlfriend but wants to continue dating me. This crushed me obviously and now we hardly ever see each other (maybe once a week) he stills texts me good morning & good night and sends a few texts throughout the day, he has told me that he still likes me but seems really off & I don't know why. He knows how much I like him which is a total disadvantage on my part so I feel like he takes advantage of me a bit. I feel like I should ignore him for a few days to make him realise what it's like for me to actually not be there anymore but I don't want this to result in me losing him for good. Oh and I know there is no other girl on the scene but I need help! What should I do? And guys what do you think is going on in his head?


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  • His feelings changed break up and move on


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  • Well, don't not text him so he realizes he misses you or wants you back. You shouldn't have to convince someone of your worth or how great you are, he should see that on his own without you removing your presence. Also, don't let him string you along. Just end the relationship now, it will hurt, but at least you'll be able to start the healing process quicker. And remember, he's already made it clear that he no longer has time for a girlfriend, which really means, he doesn't care to make time because of whats on his plate. The relationship with you is not a priority for him at the moment. This isn't completely terrible, its just the truth of where he is right now and where you are. Like they say, its takes two to tango, only this time he's left you on the dance floor alone and he's just watching you from the side lines. I know thats a corny analogy, but i figured it might be helpful. :)