What do you do when ur bestfriend get together with ur other bestfriend that you like?

My beatfriend just got together with me other bestfriend and she new i liked him but i encouraged that they go out in my case i didn't look like i something to hid from him caude he asked for her number and she asked for his and i was in the middle of it and i didn't want to be a jerk and say no u can't have him cause who am i to step in the way of what ever the man up there has pland and i dont know what to do now she asked me why i had started crying on the phone and it was cause i heard her voice something just went off then he called me like 4mins later wantting to talk i awncerd and it was like holy shiiiii i just started crying like 10times worst i dont know what i should do they both want to know why i was crying and i lied at said i hirt my leg but they both know me better then that


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  • Well if you liked a guy then why would you encourage your best friend to go for him? I didn't understand the logic there?


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  • You can't really do anything about it… it's not like you try id to stop them