Is this weird? What should I do?

Okay so I go to this site called MFC and watch cam girls because I'm single and get a little "lonely" it's something I'm not proud of and feel embarrassed by. Anywho there's a newer model on there and she and I did a Skype show and she told me she really liked my voice and personality after. I was thinking okay she's just wanting more money and wants me to keep coming back so then over the past couple days we've messaged on Skype back and forth and tonight we decided to have another Skype show after we got done we just talked and joked around she started telling me a few different things like where she's from and all this really personal stuff and I was really getting to know her we both decided we wanted to still talk to each other just when ever but if she gets in the mood she would wanna "have fun". Then as we're talking i said I wish she lived near me and we had just met on the street because I would totally date her she agreed. We went on talking a little longer and then we got on the topic of going out on a actual date if she's ever in my neck of the woods. It wouldn't be one of those paid escort dates either. Just a real date. Is this weird? I actually really like her as a person she's really cool and sweet. Is this weird? Could she just be messing with me?


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  • That sounds weird to me. I'd be wary if I were you.


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  • She could be just messing with you but call her bluff and arrange to meet and see what happens. That way you will know for sure