First date went good...Now second date?

Went out on the first date and it went super well she seemed super into me no awkward silence or anything like that lots of conversation and eye contact with some flirting...Asked her if she wanted to go out again at the end of the first date and she said definitely. Called her 2 days later asked her if she was free for the weekend..She said she was going to be out of town but wanted to do something the following week...She text me later that week saying that she wanted to hang out right when she got home on Sunday night I said sure. Then when she got back (pretty late at night) she said she didn't want to do anything any more (understandably)...Called her the next day to set something up and I got no answer, I didn't leave a voice mail. How soon should I call her back... the next day or wait?

Called her back no answer again. left a voice mail, haven't herd anything yet. if I don't hear back in a day or so should I just assume she's over it? this one is really confusing me!


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  • I'd definitely call her back if I were you...and leave a voicemail asking her to call you back- that way the ball's in her court.

    She really seems interested though! You probably just called her at a bad time and she wasn't sure if she should call you back...


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  • Go ahead and call her back. it sounds like she really is interested and just times haven't been working out for her. if you keep calling and leaving voicemails, etc. and she isn't responding (like more than 3 times I would say) then you should probably give up because youve tried and she would call you back if she cared and youd called that much. hope this helps :)

  • yeah. at this point if she doesn't respond just give it means she's not interested.

  • Yeah...if you don't hear back from her this time (since you left a voicemail), I'd just let it go and leave it in her hands to contact you if she really wants to...

    good luck! : )


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