Misread Signals?

There was a guy on here that I asked you guys about that you pretty much all agreed he liked me.


Well I was about to make my move and ask him out until this happened.

He came into class late laughing and smiling with a girl. He asked her questions about the hw and said he'd call her later to get more info. It seemed like all the things he said to me, he was saying to her.

He still acknowledged me, but it was like his focus was her.

Did I misread the signs? Is this guy just friendly with everyone?

Opinions? Thoughts?
What do you think of this guy? User? Friendly?


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  • yes he could be friendly with people but also if someone keeps giing you signals about an attraction and you do nothing in return people give up.

    • I wouldn't say I did nothing..

    • there is another option. there might have been more than just you hitting on him. and he has decided to put more effort in to the other gir, and trying to keep you just interested enough so you dont move on, just in case it doesn't work out with the other girl
      this is only just a guess but to really find out you would have to get a straight answer from him

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  • Umm, I am sorry, but he sounds like a player to me.


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