So I saw my ex last night with her bf?

Kinda took a hit, a big hit. They were stopped at the gas station i go to and talking to some kid. As soon, as i pulled up, they went away. I've never seen her with someone else other than me. haven't seen her for a while, and as soon as i saw that, im back to square one on moving on.


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  • I think someone should start dating.

    • I am dating, I've dated many since her, even had a relationship, but she was my first love.

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  • It gets easier, and eventually you find someone else and completely forget about her.

    • I've found plenty, just nobody is her.

    • It takes time... you could run into the next best thing in days, weeks, years... but for now just enjoy being on your own. There is much merit in being on your own and doing things you have always wanted to do without being tied down to a certain extent.

    • Thanks for MHGUy, cheers man!

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  • Who cares? Just move on man. My 4 year relationship ended last November and I love being single. I've been with 6 girls since then... living the dream. Just get out there and start meeting girls. Once a cool new girl comes into the picture, then your ex will be the last thing on your mind, trust me.

    • Bro i know. I've been with a shit load of girls since her. doesn't mean it doesn't hurt bro. She was the only girl i gave my all to.

  • I hope you gave her this look