Meeting up with guy tomorrow?

Guy texted me early this week to confirm hanging out. I was a bit hesitant but I said yes. We semi planned. When I get there we will go eat. Texted all week but today (day before meet up) he has NOT texted me. He told me he will text me today and usually he gets back to me but hasn't. I paid for my hotel. Today is the last day for cancellation. Should I cancel the hotel? Seems like he's not getting back to me and I don't have time for this.


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  • Don't waste your time.


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  • Have you text him today. Maybe just say 'Hey, just wondering if we're still on for tomorrow?' If you don't get a reply in an hour or so, cancel the hotel. You haven't got time for some guy to mess you around.

  • The day before you are to meet up and not a word from him? I've been there it means an excuse for ditching you is coming up. Dont waste your time.

    • I'm just baffled. I always ignore him and he's always the one coming back and trying to text me. Is he really that bored to try and string me along? He seemed so nice and said he was really excited to see me. I really want to tell him off in text but I guess it's not even worth it.

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    • Should I text him for him to not contact me anymore or just ignore? I don't think an emergency would come up. He's never gone this long without texting me when he says he will get back to me. I'm pretty sure he's ditching me.

    • I would text him to please respond in the next half hour and if nothing then yeah id say that to him. there's only so many excuses to NOT text/call someone