Do girls wait for guys to ask them to hang out in friendship too?

I'm kind of confused here. There's this girl I really like, and we're sorta friends (we're basically friends now, we just haven't hung out as friends. I've gone over to her place before, but to film school projects) so the other day she texted me a few hours after one of our filming sessions and asked if I could her a favor. she wanted me to write a short paragraph describing what kind of person she is from what I observe... I was puzzled but did it anyway. So then I bring it to her, and it turns out it was one of 5 she needed, I guess for a class or something. I posted on this site about it, and the consensus was that it might be because she has feelings for me, but it's likely because she thought I was close enough to her to answer it. But then I hit me that that doesn't add up; she's very friendly and kind of a tomboy so she has plenty of girl and guy friends she's known longer and better than me. If we're so close, how come she hasn't invited me anywhere as friends? Do you girls wait for guys to ask you to hang out, even if it's only as friends? (Right now I think she -might- like me but right now I'm focused on being her friend first, then asking her out if I have a chance with her, in case you were wondering about that sort of thing.)


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  • i always have to ask my guy friend to hang out. its just sorta what we do. like I think "he will ask to hang out if he really want to" but then he doesn't and I miss him and he says we should hang out but doesn't try any harder than that. hope this helps. good luck!

  • Well I usualy wait till the guy asks me to hangout but if I like him a lot and he still hasn't got the hint ill ask him to hangout. Girls love when the guy pursues her. it makes her feel wanted and that you need her too. even if its only as friends.


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