Guys, do guys initiate and respond to texts if they are not intetested?

I am getting very mixed signals from a guy I am texting. It varies on who initiates the text but we talk everyday. If a guy is not interested, would he bother initiating and/or responding to texts?


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  • If a guy is not interested in you believe me he will not bother to text you back. He will just ignore your texts and calls and disappear. I think guys don't like having set rules and routines when it come to texting.

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  • We might respond to be friendly... it does not always have to be about being interested!

    If a girl is really cool and we think it would be nice to get to know them, then texting is about one of the only ways these days if their schedules are different.

    • So how can I tell if he's just being friendly vs actually wanting to tall to me?

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  • No clear answer. Responding / Talking out of boredom is just as much a reality as anything else.