First date worries. Help! (sorry for the long story)

I met a guy on friday at a campus wide camp-in before our big b ball game because neither of us could sleep. We ended up staying up the whole night talking and I really enjoyed his company. He asked me on a date tonight and I accepted because I was excited to get to hang out with him again and excited about being asked on a date. However, I'm not really that attracted to him, I can really just see us becoming really good friends, but at the same I think he deserves a chance., so I'm going to go on the date with him. What do I do if at the end of the date he tries to kiss me and I'm not feeling it? Or what if he asks me on another date but I'd rather just be friends? How should I handle this?


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  • jw would that happen to be the Syracuse game?


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  • Well I've been in your situation before. When this happened to me, I just showed the guy with my body language that I did not want him to advance further (I turned my back to him and pretended to look out the window haha).