He stopped talking to me since he got a roommate?

I've been seeing this guy who is super awesome and we've been friends for a couple of years. We started dating in November and things were going so good at first. He would have me over to his house all the time, we would have dinner, watch movies, and just enjoy being together. However, one of our mutual friends moved in with him a couple of months ago and he's stopped asking me over to his house as much. And cancels a lot when I ask him over to mine. Is he just wanting to have "bro time" with his new roomie, or do you think he's ashamed of me or something? I'm so confused.


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  • It doesn't really matter. whatever the reason, he is disrespecting you with his actions. You need to accept that and move on.


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  • Why don't you just ask him what's going on and why you don't see each other as often anymore? Even if you want some "bro time" with your roommate, it shouldn't be too hard to keep dating/seeing someone else regularly. Just ask him what's up.