Asking him out before it is too late?

Hello :)

I really like this guy in my schhol and I would like to ask him out. Unfortunately, we don't spend much time together and I am afraid that there isn't much time left for me to ask him out since we'll both graduate this summer. I can't text him either and I feel like I would overwhelm him by telling him how I feel in passing but I know that I would regret not trying it.

The guy I am talking about is the one I mentioned in my first question who once had a huge crush on me for years but lately he felt rejected by me due to a misunderstanding. So I asked for a second chance but I appeared very clingy and annoying so I guess that's why he rejected me by saying he is not interested.

I feel like he is indeed missing me but on the other hand, I am afraid I will get rejected again. What should I do?

  • Go for it! Ask him out - who knows, maybe he will develop feelings
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  • He doesn't like you, back off!
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  • Why not ask him out if you're gonna graduate anyway?


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